What is the Difference Between Soft Washing and Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing uses high pressure with low volumes of water.  It is a good method for certain applications that require stripping away layers such as stripping a wooden deck in preparation for staining or stripping away loose paint in preparation for painting.  It is also a good method when used in connection with a surface cleaner which can be likened to the rotating wand in your dishwasher.  It disperses pressure evenly while spinning to more effectively clean surfaces like concrete driveways or sidewalks.  However pressure washing can be volatile if used as a method on sensitive applications like cleaning the exterior of a home, business windows or a roof.  If used on a house, vinyl pieces could come dislodged and fly off or stucco could become chipped and crack off or a window seal could be popped causing condensation to form between the glass panes.  When washing off mold, algae and bacteria, pressure washing only takes off the surface layer, leaving behind spores etched into the surface only to grow back within a short period of time.  Pressure washing uses different pressure tips for different applications which novices don't comprehend.   It is important to use the right tools and the right methods for the right applications.  That is what we are trained to do both for efficiency and for your property's protection.

Soft washing uses low pressure with high volumes of water.  It is good for all applications because it applies a highly effective cleaning solution applied to all surfaces with low pressure.  This solution does the work of killing mold, algae and bacteria at the root, leaving your property cleaner longer.  We then remove the solution using low pressure, high volumes of water to literally wash away the dirt, grime, mold, algae and bacteria that has been eating away at your property and causing unsightly eye sores.  Our solution is biodegradable, not only safe for your property being cleaned but also safe for plant life and the environment. We hope this helps educate you on the differences between soft washing and pressure washing but if you have any other questions, feel free to read more information on our website at www.squeegeecleansc.com or give us a call at 803-407-6916.

Always do your due diligence in hiring the right company to take care of one of your greatest assets, your home or business.  You don't want to become the victim of a novice or of a company who does not have proper insurance.  The costs involved with repairing damages that can potentially happen far outweigh the few dollars you may save hiring the wrong guy.  Respectable, legal, long standing companies offer peace of mind along with tried and true techniques that are highly effective to get the job done right.  These companies stand behind their work and often have satisfaction guarantees or warranties.  Word of mouth is the best way to find a good company.  Do a search on Google or Angie's List and look for the companies with excellent reviews and comments.  Hiring these kinds of companies will be worth every penny.