Maintaining Your Residential Property

We live in the Midlands on the east coast of the USA.  Our area has one of the highest levels of mold, mildew and humidity.  Homes in our area need to be cleaned on a biyearly and sometimes yearly maintenance schedule.  Depending on if you live in a heavily wooded area or near a water source like a lake or pond, your home may need to be cleaned more frequently.  However when we clean your home with our soft wash system method, your home stays cleaner longer.  Life is busy and sometimes things fall through the cracks.  We can help you by getting your property on a routine scheduled appointment of your choosing.  We check in each year with you with a reminder email.

We Are the Experts

We are here to serve you!  We are the experts in SAFE, LONG-LASTING, pressure-free cleaning for your home, roof, gutters, siding, fences, decks, concrete, windows and more. We have well over 20 years experience in this industry and have learned the good, bad and ugly.  Rest assured that you are not our guinea pig.  We are licensed and insured for your ultimate peace of mind. We have researched the best, most effective and safe cleaning methods to ensure that you, our customer, receive top quality workmanship all the time. Check out our Reviews tab on this website. See why so many of our customers have given us five star ratings on popular review sites like Angie's List, Google, Yelp, YP, and many more.  We are hard working, dedicated, honest people who take pride in a job well done and we stand behind our work too! 



First impressions do matter!  Your home is more than likely your largest investment and it should get your attention and care.  Does your roof have ugly black streaks or green patches of yuck on the siding? Is your concrete doomed to darkness or your fence whitewashed to oblivion? Are your windows fogged by smears and fingerprints? Know that the state of your home’s cleanliness is not permanent.  We can help you bring your home back to its glory days of shiny, fresh and like new.  Your eyes will be amazed by the almost magical results!  

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Safe / Zero Pressure Cleaning Methods 

Pressure washing a house can bring about catastrophic consequences.  We encounter many clients who have become victims of hiring the wrong company at the cheapest price.  Roof granules have become loosened, siding has been blown off the home, window seals have been popped, powder coated brick now has streaks of powder coating knocked off permanently, paint has been knocked loose just to name a few. We DON’T pressure wash your home.  We use a process called soft washing which uses a biodegradable solution to effectively clean without needing high pressure.  Many of our clients don't book a house cleaning every year because their home is still looking awesome. Some people would say that’s bad business but we say that’s good business, giving our customers excellent service, excellent results at excellent pricing. These same customers become our best spokesmen when they refer their family, friends, and neighbors. 


What is eating your house? On a daily basis natural decomposers like algae, mold and bacteria wage war on your beautiful property. They work together to actually eat away at roof shingles, paint, siding, and wood to name a few. These pests do not discriminate and they don’t take breaks either!  It is important to keep these fellas at bay by doing routine maintenance cleaning of your home and your property.  By doing so, you will dramatically increase the lifespan of your beautiful home.  When a roof is infected, its life span is actually cut in half. The shingles lose their reflectiveness, crack, grow wavy and start to leak. A small roof may only cost hundreds to clean versus thousands to replace.  Likewise painting a home or staining wood will cost thousands of dollars versus just paying hundreds to keep these decomposers at bay.   

commercial window cleaning squeegee pole in columbia sc


Thinking of selling your home? A clean roof, siding, windows, gutters and driveway can go a long way to enhance curb appeal. Get your maximum selling dollar for your home. Plus, our 3-year spot-free roof cleaning warranty is FULLY TRANSFERABLE to the new home owner, a great selling feature! This is a win-win-win for the seller, the buyer and the realtor! If you are on your neighborhood association, give us a call for a neighborhood discount program.  If you are a realtor, give us a call to come speak with your realty team.  Clean homes have proven to increase sales in shorter periods of time.

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Energy Savings

It is a scientific fact that light colors reflect the sun’s rays and dark colors absorb the sun’s rays.  The lighter the color of your roof, the more energy efficient it will be, in turn lowering energy costs. Roofs are susceptible to tiny bacteria called gloeocapsa magma, an ancient line of cyanobacteria that feed on limestone filler found in asphalt shingles. This decomposer protects itself from harmful UV light by creating a dark coating on your roof. This organism travels in the wind so most likely if your neighbor’s house has it, your house is probably next.  It usually starts growing with increased humidity on the north side and moves over the other parts of the roof.  An infected roof absorbs more heat and can actually increase your cooling costs. Think of the heat produced by a decomposing pile of vegetables. Your roof is much hotter when the gloeocapsa magma is decomposing the roof. By cleaning the roof, the surface temperature drops a whopping 20-30 degrees.

commercial window cleaning squeegee pole in columbia sc


Who wants to be sick? Left too long, mold can migrate all the way through your roof into your attic, where it can begin affecting indoor air quality. Mold on your siding can leach its way into your window tracks.  Mold on sidewalks can be picked up on your shoes and brought into your home. Mold can cause allergies and respiratory irritation. This is a health risk that can be easily avoided by simply maintaining the cleanliness of your home, your roof and exterior features like sidewalks and patios.



We Make it Easy with Routine Scheduling, Invoicing,  Payments, and Reward Incentives

We can put your property on a schedule suitable to your needs whether that be once a year, twice a year, every quarter, once a month, twice a month or even weekly.  By putting your property on a routine maintenance schedule, you can be guaranteed that your property will be taken care of regularly without you needing to remember to call and schedule it.  We send out reminder emails and postcards to keep you informed and on top of cleaning maintenance.  We reward loyalty and repeat customers by extending a special discount with loyalty rewards cards.  We deliver digital invoices directly to your email inbox where you can click on the embedded link to make a payment by bank draft or credit card payment.  For services requiring high frequency like many of our window cleaning clients, we offer automatic credit card processing and a yearly prepayment incentive.  Call us today at 803-407-6916.  We are here to help!