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Meet Our Office Team

Truly what sets us apart from other companies is our fantastic team! Each and every member aspires to a high level of integrity and they put forth their best efforts in all that they do to contribute to a global team effort of providing our customers with excellent, respectful service. Squeegee Clean Inc. is so thankful to have such an awesome team!

Meet Our Soft Wash Team

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Meet Our Team's Families

When you join the Squeegee Clean team, you join a large extended family who likes to spend time together to celebrate holidays and milestones. Because our work is mobile and we rarely meet together in an office setting, we intentionally plan fun events throughout the year to bring us all together. Our team members' families are why we do what we do, family is our highest priority. We are beyond blessed to befriend each of our team members and their family members!

The Allen Family

The Enlow Family

The Riffle Family