Window Cleaning Division

What is Evolutionary Waterfed Pole Technology?
Evolutionary waterfed pole technology utilizes a state of the art extension carbon fiber pole and monofilament brush along with a steady flow of ultra purified water to effectively loosen debris and clean windows that dry streak free. This method works seamlessly on exterior windows and will keep your windows cleaner longer thus saving you time and money.
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Why is Traditional Window Cleaning Still Needed?
Traditional window cleaning utilizes an effective window cleaning solution, an applicator for agitation of debris, and a squeegee. This method for cleaning exterior windows is effective but over time solution builds up on the windows which can attract outdoor debris necessitating the need for cleaning windows more often. We typically use traditional window cleaning to clean interior windows that are not susceptible to the abundance of flying debris.

traditional window cleaning

What Kind of Things Do I Need Cleaned?
Window cleaning services include but are not limited to cleaning interior and exterior windows of any dimension on three story buildings and below including storm windows on any residence, business, or structure. Windows higher in elevation require us to secure a lift rental for access and may include additional fees.
Other services include window restoration, mirrors, skylights, lanterns, chandeliers, and screen cleaning.