About Us

About Us

The Squeegee Clean team is dedicated to cleaning excellence and friendly, responsive customer service.

Squeegee Clean has been cleaning windows for over 17 years. They began pressure washing over 11 years ago due to high customer demand. Burke's desire to offer excellence propelled him into state of the art, cutting edge techniques in both window cleaning and pressure washing methods. Burke became mentored by window cleaning and soft wash industry leading experts and thus began offering highly effective services that surpass competitors. The Squeegee Clean team members are licensed and insured for your benefit and protection. You can count on our uniformed team members to be professional, friendly, honest, and fair.

Burke Allen, CEO and Founder

Burke Allen and FamilyBurke and his wife moved from Naples, FL in 1996 to attend Columbia International University. Burke graduated with a BA in Bible and a MA in Counseling. During these college years, Burke began his own window cleaning business to fund college tuition and living expenses thus the birth of Squeegee Clean. The business began to grow and Burke soon realized he needed help to meet the ever growing client base so he hired his first employee, another student. Window cleaning was the perfect match for college students' schedules.

Squeegee Clean has not only met Burke's original financial needs but also the needs of many students. We feel honored and blessed to be able to provide excellent services to our loyal customers as well as jobs with flexible hours to many aspiring college students. Several of our employees have gone on to become pastors, missionaries, counselors, teachers, and business owners to name a few. When you choose Squeegee Clean, you are not only fulfilling a need of your own but you are also contributing to enriching the lives of the many students.

Employment Opportunities

Click the button below to apply. If you are having trouble accessing our Employment Application, please request an application be sent to you via our email address: billing. squeegeeclean@gmail.com 

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